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What Are Tumors?


When Angela went to meet her physician with a severe headache, he thought that it might be a migraine. But her other symptoms of giddiness, black outs and fatigue told a different story. Her general physician recommended consulting a neuro- physician. On doing so Angela was diagnosed with brain tumor.

What is a tumor?


A tumor is the uncontrolled cell division in a specific part of the body leading to the formation of lump tissues. This also means neoplasm. It is a growth of tissue that forms an abnormal mass. There are no useful functions for tumors and they grow at the expense of healthy tissues. These tumors can be classified into two groups. Malignant tumors and benign tumors.

Malignant tumor is also known as cancer. The tissues multiply very fast and spread to other parts of the body, whereas benign tumor affects only a specified part of the body and does not spread.

As people grow older the chances of cancer are more as the cells tend to get mutated. For example: if a twenty year old has a tumor it can be benign also where as if a seventy year old has a tumor it has to be cancer. Anaplastic tumors look old and do not resemble a normal cell. Generally having anaplasia in a tumor means it is malignant tumor. Where as malignant tumor need not be anaplastic.

A benign tumor remains rooted at a place and causes discomfort only to that specific part of the body. This can be caused due to the dead cells not giving way to healthier cells for replacement.

What are the causes of tumors?

Generally tumors are caused due to cell mutation in the DNA. An accumulation of these cells and tissues is required for a tumor to be formed. It is like a lump ranging in size from a small lump to the size of a tennis ball. Recently it has been found that a type of virus infection can also cause tumor. Essentially tumors are genetic and may get triggered by some external causes.

Problems with the body's immune system can lead to tumors. Tobacco causes more deaths from cancer than any other environmental substance. Obesity, sedentary lifestyle, excessive alcohol consumption, radiation, genetic problems and exposure to sunlight are most of the causes for tumor.

The symptoms vary for different types of tumors. For example if a person has lung cancer coughing, breathlessness and chest pain and blood spitting may be the causes, where as for colon cancer diarrhea, weight loss, anemia and blood in stool are some of the symptoms. One symptom common in all cancers is out flow of blood.

Complications can occur if a tumor is located in a sensitive region of the body where the function of the normal organ is affected. Brain tumor in a tricky part of the brain can even paralyze a person. It can cause irreparable damage to the system. Though benign tumor is curable with medicines or surgery, there is no cure for malignant tumor other than removing the organ.

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