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Treatment For Cancer

Alternative Treatments For Cancer

Treatment For Cancer

While Allopathy has battled with cancer sometimes successfully and at other times unproductively, other forms of treatment like diet modification, introduction to vitamins etc have all mushroomed, sending a ray of hope to patients as well as their kith and kin.

However, over the years, many alternative treatments compete with traditional methods and many times, these alternatives are often sold by quacks claiming instant cure. Separating the grain from the chaff is imperative. A very vital point to remember is no matter what method of treatment you may opt for, it is wise that you still cling to traditional remedies while you continue alternatives.

Treatment For Cancer

A mere diagnosis of the killer disease kills the will to live. Even if one has loads of will- power, the body can get weaker and try to overpower the will. A well-balanced diet, comprising fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, nuts etc are vital to boost the body’s immune system and rebuild body tissue. Another pivotal point is to just avoid a non-vegetarian diet. Fatty animal food is one of the chief causes of cancer. Moreover, meat of pig etc. which must have already been infected when the animal was alive, can cause a gamut of infections in the human system. Switching over to vegetarian diet is essential now.

There are a host of alternatives to choose from, such as cell therapy, enzyme therapy, melatonin therapy, urotherapy etc.

Taking vitamin supplements also helps, as the body at this stage is in dire need to combat the disease and vitamins also help prevent infections. They boost immunity too. Another form of therapy that is becoming popular is ‘cell therapy’ and enzyme therapy. These involve injecting processed tissues from organs of animals, embryos or fetuses, into the patient. However, both are not proven remedies against cancer and are also reported to be lethal sometimes.


Daily exposure to sunlight is known to cure breast cancer. Whether this needs to be proven or not, sunlight is freely available, and walking while you watch the sun rise or set, can heal you emotionally and the rays can actually spread a ray of hope or cheer in an otherwise gloomy life. Besides, exposure to early morning rays or evening rays will not harm in any way.

Acupressure, aromatherapy, Bach flower remedy, yoga etc can help cope with the emotional trauma that patients undergo. Detoxifying the system is also supposed to be effective in cleansing the system, thereby preventing infection. Detoxification is a part of Gerson therapy, where the tissues and blood are detoxified, administered with the help of coffee enema.

Gene therapy is still in the experimental stage. Here, the treatment involves genetically altering the patient’s tumor cells or lymphocytes, enabling them to destroy cancer cells.

There are quacks who make hay while the sun shines, that is make fast bucks during other’s times of trouble, selling spurious drugs and making tall claims. While you may be unaware between a real remedy and a bogus one, it is wise to continue taking traditional treatments. Better still, have a word with your doctor, before embarking upon anything different.

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