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Survival Rate Cancer

Can You Survive Cancer?

Survival Rate Cancer

‘Cancer is a killer’, ‘it’s a dreadful disease’, and ‘once you have cancer you see the writing on the wall’. These are some of the statements associated with cancer. Can anyone survive cancer? The answer is both yes and no.

If detected early and treated properly some types of cancers are arrestable if not curable. Arresting the growth is as good as cure. The two most important issues are early detection and that the cancer should also be stay put in one place.

Survival Rate Cancer

There are many people who have been cured in the first stage of cancer with chemotherapy or simple medication itself. If regular tests of urine and the blood and endoscopy are conducted to check and ensure that the cancer has not spread to other parts, it will allow a patient to lead a normal life.

In the case of breast cancer if the breast is removed through surgery then the patient can live a longer life if her other reproductive organs are not affected. Normally people affected with this deadly disease live in fear and are psychologically affected. Half the sickness is in the mind for these patients. If they can be taught to manage their stress levels and learn to accept their body along with the disease, it can go a long way in healing.

The survival rate in certain types of cancer is very less. For example: pancreatic cancer. The detection comes at a late stage as there are no symptoms in the early stages. Hence it’s very difficult to save the patient. Same goes for liver cancer. Liver being the largest organ in the body is helpful in secreting bile which helps in processing the food. Though genetic factors are responsible for cancer in many cases, external forces like intake of alcohol, cigarette smoking and exposure to industrial chemical radiations are also responsible for inflicting cancer. Survival rate in skin cancer is quite high. Normally if cancer is detected in the late stage the survival rate is less than five years. Patients die out of fear and anxiety. The trauma of undergoing the pain of chemotherapy or surgery mentally affects them and hastens death.

The good news is that cancer death rates have been declining in recent years, especially among men, who generally experience higher rates than women. Increasing public awareness has resulted in more people getting regular cancer screenings, and practicing healthy lifestyles to reduce their risk.

Let us hope and prey that very soon this dreadful disease is completely eradicated, which will help our future generations to lead a fear free and healthy life.

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