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Stage 1 Cancer

Characteristics Of Stage 1 Pancreatic Cancer

Stage 1 Cancer

One of the biggest problems that practitioners of medicine face in detection of pancreatic cancer is to detect it in the very first stage so as to contain it there itself. There is no deterministic test for diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in the first stage as it has diffused symptoms which can be the signs of other body ailments as well. This is the stage of detection which is also referred to as carcinoma in citu, which is distinguished by occurrence of cancer in the lines of pancreas. Stage 1 is sub divided into two stages: Stage 1A during which the tumor growth is less than two centimeter, while Stage1 B is characterized by the growth of the tumor of the length more than 2 cm of length.

The symptoms which may signal that the first stage of pancreatic cancer has set in include:

Stage 1 Cancer

If the jaundice is not getting cured and is prolonged for a long time, or there is pain on a regular basis in the back and also in the upper abdomen, there is loss of body weight without any plausible reasons, the appetite is diminishing, or becoming latent, or else there is constant fatigue in the body and there is no freshness at any time.

The diagnosis in the first stage is made by a battery of test and procedures and it determines whether the cancer has spread to other parts of the body or it is localized. The first stage diagnosis in the preliminary stages is made by taking an x-ray and also performing the CT scan on the body. The detection can be facilitated by conducting Positron Emission Tomography scan, which is also called as PET scan, and it detects the malignant tumor cells inside the body. This test finds out the usage pattern of glucose inside the body and if an area where glucose is used in large numbers is detected, then it is the area where cancerous growth has set in, as the malignant cells utilize more glucose than the normal cells.

Another procedure during the first stage that help in detecting the level is the test called as Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), in which the bile carrying ducts if they are blocked are removed by doing the endoscopy.

First stage is the stage which determines the chances of recovery, and these can be determined when it is ascertained whether the tumor can be removed by performing a surgery as well as the general health of the patient, which is the most deterministic factor in treatment. The chances of recovery are more if it is the first stage and not a recurrence.

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