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Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Do You Have Pancreatic Cancer?

Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

One of the fatal diseases that has yet to be scaled and conquered, pancreatic cancer still does not provide definite symptoms of having set in. The research on the issue is still hazy, and there has been demand for fund allocations to launch a concerted effort against the disease, but the same is yet to make an impact. Technology is also being leveraged, and so are being tried a multi disciplinary approach to tackle the disease, but the war is still in its formative stages.

The most significant advances that have been made against the disease is the advent of endoscopic ultrasound, which has become a manna from the heaven, as it facilitates in detection of the cancerous tumor in its formative stage, and has become a luxury when compared with the results that wee obtained through CT scan, where the detection could be possible only at the time when it had spread to the adjoining organs in the body.

Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Pancreatic cancer is also handicapped by the apathy of researchers to study it. That may be owing to the incidence of its occurrence, however keeping in view the rate of fatality associated with it, it is more so imperative for concerted efforts through research.

Not having definite symptoms that could facilitate detection, gene therapy could ultimately decide the treatment and prevention of cancer.

The most common type of symptom associated with pancreatic cancer is also related to its area of occurrence, whether it is in head, body or tail. The early symptoms could be loss of 10% of the total body weight and is common to the cancer of the head of pancreas.

Pain is the first sign which brings a patient to a doctor in 7 out of 10 cases. Pain is the causative factor in cancer of the body and tail of the pancreas. The pain can have its axis in the stomach and can radiate to the back. The incidence of pain is dull in nature, and has increased intensity when one lies down and the pain recedes if one sits forward. The abdomen may be characterized by tenderness, owing either to inflammation or enlargement of liver, pancreas or gall bladder. In case of pancreatic cancer, jaundice is not followed by pain and this is what induces the patient to go to a doctor to have an opinion about surgery. Besides, those who have been detected to have pancreatic cancer are neo diabetic as well. There also may be regular itching caused by bile salt which has entered into the blood stream.

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