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Pancreatic Cancer Stages

The Four Stages Of Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Stages

Pancreatic cancer runs through a four stage cycle and the stages in succession are the journeys that the cancer is traversing through the body. By being able to diagnose the stage it becomes easy to start the line of treatment. The stages are also the deterministic tests to identify whether it has enlarged out of the original area where it has started. The pancreatic cancer has a four stage cycle;

Stage 1: the stage one or the first stage also called as resectable stage is the position in which the cancer has just set in and it is localized. In this stage the cancer is still to be found in formative stage inside the pancreas itself, though the size of the cancer may be large. This stage also signifies that the cancer has still to make its entry into the lymph node in the vicinity of the pancreas and it has not spread its tentacles to other parts of the body. This is the stage which is of a rarer occurrence.

Pancreatic Cancer Stages

Stage -2: During this stage, also referred to as the locally advanced cancer, the cancer has spread its tentacles and has made duodenum or the bile duct its home, or it has invaded other tissues and organs situated next to the pancreas. However, during this stage as well, it is yet to make inroads into the lymph nodes situated nearby. In this stage organ removal does not provide the solution. Radiation with or without chemotherapy has to be performed. A patient of this stage is also invited to undertake efficacy of new drugs or mechanisms invented in treatment of the disease. In this stage their is also the possibility that the pancreas and the organs surrounding it may be removed by the process which is called as a total pancreatectomy or there also might be the chance that the head and tail of the pancreas has to be removed which is also called as distal pancreatectomy.

Stage 3: During this stage, also called as the metastatic the cancer may have acquired any size and could have made inroads into the tissues which engulf the pancreas from all the sides or the distant parts of the body like the lungs, liver or abdomen. The removal of tumor is not a viable option in this stage. the treatment could be combination of chemotherapy, surgery and other related procedures to reduce the impact.

Stage 4: This stage is further sub-divided into two stags, 4A and 4B. This stage is also referred to as the recurrent stage during which the cancer may have affected the nearby organs like the stomach, spleen, large bowels or the nearby large blood vessels. When it is 4B stage, it means that cancer has spread its tentacles far and wide and has reached the lungs or the liver.

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