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Malignant Tumor

Malignant Tumors On The Rise

Malignant Tumor

A cancerous mass of cells that have formed due to excessive cell division is the definition of malignant tumor also known as cancer. Malignant tumor cells are abnormal and divide uncontrollably and without order. This can invade any part of the body like lung, breasts, intestines, esophagus, tongue, skin, bone, spinal chord, and pancreas and prostrate. These cancerous cells spread very fast and affect even the brain. Rectal cancer and fallopian tube cancer are very common types of cancer. Colon cancer, gall bladder, kidney and liver cancers are also common among people of middle age.

Lung Cancer

Malignant Tumor

This can occur due to excessive smoking. The symptoms are cough, spitting of blood, breathlessness and loss of appetite.

Breast Cancer

This generally occurs in women. Normally the left breast will get affected and then the cancer spreads to the right breast. Initially it occurs at the outer quadrant. It spreads by way of the lymphatic system and the bloodstream, through the right side of the heart to the lungs, and eventually to the other breast, the chest wall, liver, bone, and brain. It is a slow process and the survival time depends upon size of the tumor and how fast it has spread.

The cause of breast cancer isn't known. Since women are mostly affected by it, maybe estrogen is the cause for it. Women, who have a family history of breast cancer, are prone to get breast cancer as this is a genetic problem. There are other external causes also. Women who have taken hormonal contraceptives and those who used hormone replacement therapy for more than 5 years due to menopause problems are prone to breast cancer.

Liver Cancer

The liver is one of the most common sites of metastasis from other primary cancers particularly those of the colon, rectum, stomach, pancreas, esophagus, lung, or breast or melanoma. This is a rare cancer which occurs mostly in men. The mortality rate is high. Consumption of alcohol adds to woes of liver cancer.

Kidney Cancer

The cause of kidney cancer is unknown. This cancer is in the rise and is mostly found in men and less in women. Due to the exposure to environmental carcinogens as well as increased life span the kidneys get affected by this dreaded disease.

Esophagus Cancer

Esophageal tumors are usually fungating and infiltrating. Most arise in squamous cell epithelium, a few are adenocarcinomas, and fewer still are melanomas and sarcomas. This cancer doesn’t show symptoms till it is at an advanced stage. Coughing, throat pain and hoarseness in throat are the symptoms.

Pancreatic Cancer

Most pancreatic tumors are adenocarcinomas and arise in the head of the pancreas. This mostly occurs due to smoking cigarettes, alcohol abuse, diabetes and exposure to industrial chemicals, such as beta-naphthalene, benzidine, and urea.

Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancers are caused due to environmental carcinogens. Normally there is no symptom for this cancer. A clot in the urine at a later stage and pain while urinating occurs at a later stage.

Cervical Cancer

This is the third most common type of cancer in the female reproductive system. Abnormal vaginal bleeding, constant vaginal discharge, vaginal leakage of urine and anorexia are some of the symptoms for cervical cancer.

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