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Liver Cancer Symptoms

Do You Have Liver Cancer?

Liver Cancer Symptoms

The liver is an organ in the abdomen which is very necessary to human life. The gall bladder hangs down from the bottom of the liver, collecting greenish bile from it. The cells in the liver are meant to divide to replace those that die of injury or old age. Like all cell division in the body, this process is tightly controlled by the "genes" within each cell. Liver cancer starts within a single cell. What causes the cell to trigger the cancer is unknown. These cells have abnormal behavior. These abnormal cells collect together and form a lump called tumor. A tumor can be benign where it stays put in one place. But a malignant tumor also known as cancer spreads to other parts of the body causing harm to various other organs as well. This kind of spreading is called metastatis. It is this metastatis which makes cancer dangerous.

The most common symptoms of liver cancer are from a massive tumor growing in the liver which leads to liver failure. There are no symptoms in the early stages of cancer, since it is too small to cause any. As it enlarges, common symptoms include: pain in the abdomen area. Due to the collection of cancer cells inside the liver the liver enlarges and causes pain in the right side of the abdomen. Sometimes pain can also be felt in the right shoulder area. This is known as referred pain due to enlarged liver the nerves get pressed beneath the diaphragm which is connected to the right shoulder.

Liver Cancer Symptoms

Rise of calcium in blood, low blood sugar, anemia, precocious puberty in children, intense flushing, and other metabolic disturbances are also some of the symptoms of cancer. These patterns often will be improved with cancer shrinkage. Lack of appetite leading to weight loss and fatigue is another symptom of liver cancer. Swelling in the abdomen area due to lack of protein processing in the blood vessels lead to pain, fever and discomfort for the patient.

Failing to break down estrogens causes the breasts to swell in men. Also the veins in the hand show up and redness of the palm are the symptoms of liver cancer.

Jaundice is the clear sign of liver cancer. Not everyone who has jaundice has cancer. But people who get jaundice frequently are prone to cancer of the liver.

Cirrhosis of the liver which occurs due to excessive consumption of alcohol can also lead to cancer which mostly results in death.

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