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Causes Of Cancer

What Causes Cancer?

Causes Of Cancer

There is no one single cause for cancer. A 'carcinogen' is something that causes cancer. What causes cancer in one part of the body need not be the cause for another organ. For example, smoking causes lung cancer, not skin cancer. Tobacco is a powerful carcinogen. But not everyone who smokes gets lung cancer. Generally it is said that most of the cancers are genetic. When the gene mutates it dies and remains in the same part of the body. If it spreads to other parts then it is metastatic cancer. This spreading is very dangerous and affects all the vital parts of the body. This proves fatal.

Among all the cancers blood cancer is the most dreaded disease. Though a few cancers are curable if detected in early stages it depends on the age and condition of the patient too. If the cancer is stay put in one place then arresting its growth is not difficult.

Causes Of Cancer

In the western world experts feel that restricting to vegetarian diet may lower the risk of cancer. Nowadays animals like pork or chicken are given hormonal inducements to grow fast. This may affect people eating them later on. Pancreas is a small organ which is situated near the stomach and the small intestine. It helps in digestion of food. There are two types of pancreas known as endocrine pancreas and exocrine pancreas.

The causes of pancreatic cancer are unknown. They are also known as ‘silent’ cancers. Till a late stage the cancer never comes to light. The risk of developing pancreatic cancer is usually low before the age of 40, but there is a high risk after fifty years. Some of the causes of this disease are genetic factors, environmental factors, medical/surgical factors, and industrial and chemical exposures.

The presence of a risk factor doesn’t mean that an individual will develop cancer, nor does the absence of risk factors mean that an individual will not develop cancer.

Genetic predisposition: Though it is not proved some of the pancreatic cancer cases are related to genetic disorders.

Age: Researches have found that the age group 65 - 79 has the highest incidence of pancreatic cancer. Though the causes of pancreatic cancer are unknown some external and environmental causes may trigger this deadly disease.

Smoking: Smoking increases the risk of developing pancreatic cancer more than twice as often as nonsmokers.

Diet: Frequency of pancreatic cancer may be associated with high intakes of meat and fat.

Medical factors: cirrhosis (a chronic liver disease), chronic pancreatitis, diabetes and a history of surgery to the upper digestive tract are some of the medical reasons due to which pancreatic cancer may occur. Generally cirrhosis of the liver occurs due to excessive intake of alcohol.

Environmental factors: Long-term exposure to certain chemicals and industrial produce such as gasoline and related compounds, as well as certain insecticides, may increase the risk of developing cancer of the pancreas.

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