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Benign Tumor

A simple form of tumor which is not fatal is called benign tumor. This tumor affects only a specific part and does not spread like malignant tumor. This can be cured with medicines or surgery. Though the growth is slow it does not harm like a cancer does. It is caused due to cell overgrowth, and thus is different from a cyst. The good news about benign tumor is it does not come back.

What causes benign tumor?

Benign Tumor

The term benign is mostly used to describe a tumor, of which the cells do not invade surrounding tissues and do not metastasize to other parts of the body. Generally tumors are genetic. Some of the cells die and remain in a lump where they belong and thrive on healthy cells. Very rarely does external injuries or harm cause tumors.

A benign tumor is caused by the over growth of cells and remains in that part of the body in the form of a clot or mound. It does not show for a long time as the growth is slow. The symptoms of benign tumor are lump, pain and inflammation. Medically it is called a non malignant neoplasm. There are grades in benign tumors. This type of tumors is less likely to cause death. Tumors can occur anywhere in the body. Brain tumors, pancreatic tumors, liver tumors and tumor in uterus are commonly known. Though the causes are not known smoking is one cause for pancreatic tumor.

What are the symptoms?

Weight loss, abdominal pain and loss of appetite are some of the symptoms. Since the pancreas is situated below the liver the lump formed is not known for a long time. Only when the bile secreted by the liver doesn’t have a way to move out and is obstructed by the lump, it flows back to the liver causing jaundice. It takes some time before you come to know about pancreatic tumors. They are silent for a long time.

Are tumors curable?

Yes. Most tumors if benign are curable. Some tumors diminish with medication and others can be removed by surgery. The most significant aspect of a benign tumor is it doesn’t happen again. Very rarely does a benign tumor cause death. Due to its growing mass and its location, it causes pressure on surrounding vital tissues and organs. If that tumor cannot be removed completely, then it can be fatal. Brain tumors and tumors situated near the heart or in the neck near the large arteries and wind pipe are tricky places. If it is diagnosed very late then chances of survival are minimal.

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