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About Cancer

What You Need To Know About Cancer

About Cancer

Cancer is quite a debilitating disease, where the cells in the body become abnormal and divide without control, thereby invading tissues that are in close proximity, spreading fast through the blood stream and the lymphatic system to many parts of the body.

Usually, the main cause of cancer is Carcinogen. For instance, tobacco is a well-known carcinogen, although not in all cases, smoking tobacco is known to be the cause of lung cancer. As we grow older we are likely to develop cancer, as cancer cells need time to grow. Sometimes, cells are damaged due to carcinogens and these damaged cells are passed on to new cells, when old and affected cells divide.

About Cancer

So, in a way, cancer is genetic. Although not all who smoke suffer from lung cancer, they do pass on some damaged cells, inadvertently to future generations. Thus, it is always wise to quit smoking now.

Whether cancer can be prevented or not is still debatable, as many types of cancer are not due to lifestyle induced reasons, such as smoking. Many who donít smoke or have never smoked or never drink are also known to be suffering from cancer. However, diet, environmental influence etc, oneís immune system, etc are responsible to cause cancer. Continuous over exposure to sun, can cause skin cancer.

Whether you can prevent the disease or not, may not be entirely in your hands. However, when symptoms appear, responding in time to these and seeking immediate medical action, is imperative. This goes a long way is ensuring that the disease does not become malignant. Cancer in the benign form is curable and patients are known to live a long life, perhaps after successful surgery, or medical intervention. When cancer spreads, it becomes malignant and can pose a threat to life. So the remedy is to be vigilant about symptoms and seek medical advice instead of hushing them.

However, when no symptoms appear it is wise to go for cancer screening, especially if your family has a history of the disease. Simple symptoms like cough that lasts more than a month should make you wary. Blood in the coughed mucus should cause concern. Blood in stool or urine, a change in bowel habits, persistent lumps or swollen glands, a color change in a wart or mole, difficulty in swallowing, unexpected weight loss, continuous itching in the anus or genitals, bleeding in between periods or after intercourse etc are all matters that are of gravity.

However, it must be noted that the best remedy is the early detection of the disease makes it certainly curable. Although some types of cancer develop without any warning signals or symptoms, most will have a symptom and this should be your guiding factor spelling trouble inside.

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