Pancreatic Tumors

Pancreatic Tumors

What Are Pancreatic Tumors?

Pancreatic Tumors

The human body is the most complex machine nature has created. There are many parts inside our body that help us to lead a normal life. The pancreas is a small organ which plays a big role in our body. It is situated near the liver which produces enzymes that help in digestion of food, and also helps to maintain the sugar levels in the body. Insulin is the hormone produced by the pancreas which helps in balancing the level of glucose in the blood. When the pancreas is unable to produce right amount of insulin, sugar level increases in the body, causing diabetes. For some the pancreatic cells get comatose and they supplement insulin through injections.

What is a tumor?

Pancreatic Tumors

A tumor is the uncontrolled cell division in a specific part of the body leading to the formation of lump tissues. It is a growth of tissue that forms an abnormal mass known as neoplasm. There are no useful functions for tumors and they grow at the expense of healthy tissues. These tumors can be classified into two groups. Malignant tumor and Benign tumor. They can affect any part of the body including the pancreas.

What are the causes of tumor?

Generally tumors are caused due to the mutation of cell in the DNA. This is genetic. Tumors are also caused due to external sources like carcinogen. Tobacco and alcohol are some of the causes of tumor.

Benign Tumor

A benign tumor is a lump of dead cells which causes a mound in the part they are located and remains rooted at a place causing discomfort only to that specific part of the body. These dead cells do not give way to healthier cells for replacement. They obstruct the healthier cells from growing and multiplying. This causes pain and uneasiness to the individual. Benign tumor is curable and does not pose a threat to life. If detected early it can be cured by medication. Pancreatic tumor never gets detected till a late stage. Since pancreas is a tiny organ and the place it is situated is tricky it can cause trouble to the other vital organs. There are three types of pancreatic tumors. Insulinoma, Gastrinoma, Glucagonoma.

Malignant Tumor

Malignant tumor is also known as cancer. This is the most dreaded disease in the world. The cause of cancer is unknown. Pancreatic cancer is a killer. This is the fourth dreaded killer disease in U.S. This doesn’t get deducted till a late stage. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can only reduce the discomfort but are not a cure for this disease. Surgery is an option which is successful, yet the patient sees the writing on the wall.

There is another very rare tumor of the pancreas that arises from a cell in the pancreas, known as the islet cell. These islet cells produce insulin and other hormones. It is very rare for these islet cells to get cancerous and there is no cure for this tumor.

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